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Houdini VEX commands

Useful VEX commands glossary: (to be continuously updated)

  • concat(string 1, string 2,..): concatenate all strings
  • findattribval(input, attribclass, attrib name, value)
    v@P = lerp(v@P, point(1, ‘P’, findattribval(1, ‘point’, ‘id’, i@id)), chf(‘blend’));
  • void getbbox(0, &min, &max)
  • getpointbbox: only computes bounding box of points
  • idtopoint(input, id): find a point by its id attrib
  • len: returns length of an array
  • length: returns magnitude of a vector
  • neighborcount: returns the number of points connected to a point
  • opid
  • opinput
    @test = @opinput1_attribname -> grab attrib from input 1
  • opdigits: returns the int value of the last sequence of digits of a string
  • opfullpath: returns the full path of a relative path
  • pcopen: returns a point cloud file, often used with pcunshaded or pciterate
    pciterate: iterate over all points found in pcopen query
    pcimport(handle, attrib name, variable): import channel data from point cloud inside pciterate or pcunshaded to a variable
  • quaternion(angle, rotation axis): creates a vector4 representing a quarternion, remember to convert angles to radians
  • qrotate(quarternion, vector): rotates a vector by a quaternion
  • relbbox(geometry, point position): returns the position of the point reletive to the bbox of the geometry
  • sprintf (format, arguments….): formats like printf but returns a string result, check its flags on Houdini doc, the many % signs, the many arguments
  • uvsample(input, attrib_name, uv_name, uv coord): returns the value of an attribute based on UV coordinate

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