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Houdini Hscript commands

Some useful Hscript commands (test in Hscript textport):

  • abs()
  • atof(): converts a string to a float
  • bbox()
  • ceil()
  • centroid()
  • clamp(value, min, max)
  • fit()
  • floor()
  • frac() -> only keep fraction of an integer
  • if(condition, float if true, float if false)
    ifs(condition, string if true, string if false)
  • max(a, b) -> often use to set the min threshold
    min(a, b) -> often use to set the max threshold
  • opcreator(“.”): returns path to its parent node
  • opdigits: return numeric digit of node name
    opdigits(“.”) => digit number of node self
  • opfile: returns the type of the node
  • opinputpath: returns full path to the node connected to a certain node
    opinputpath(“.”, 0)
  • opname(“.”) = $OS
  • opparm: get/set parameters on a node
    opparm [-q] [-r] [-C] [-V version] operator_pattern [-v [-p | -i]] parameters value -> sets parameter values
    opparm /obj/geo1/null1/ seed 10 -> sets seed to 10
    opparm -l /obj/geo1/transform1 *x *y *z
    opparm -d /obj/geo1/* *x
    opparm -r /obj/geo1/transform1/ ty 5 -> trace back to original reference and set to 5
  • padzero( : pad a number with leading zeros
    padzero(5, 1234) -> 01234
    padzero(7, 9499) -> 0009499
  • point(“node”, ptnum, attrib, index)
  • pythonexprf(Python expr) -> returns float
    pythonexprs(Python expr) -> returns string
  • rand()
  • round()
  • sqrt()
  • stamp(“node”, “variable name”, value) -> stamp an attribute downstream
  • strlen(string): returns length of string
  • strmatch(“*pattern to match*”, string): bool function to find if there’s a match in given string, pattern does take wildcard
    strcasematch -> case insensitive version of strmatch
  • strreplace(string, old str, new str)
  • substr(string, start, length): returns a substring of a string
  • trunc() -> ignore the fraction part of an integer

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